Courier Service

We provide a secure, reliable and cost-effective method of receiving time-sensitive foreign purchases. By using our USA address in Fort Lauderdale, you will be able to receive shipments in the U.S. and arrange for them to be shipped directly to you. We provide daily shipping to Freeport, Bahamas of your packages and letters. Get your package to our Fort Lauderdale office before 11 a.m. and we’ll ship and clear the same day, barring unforseen circumstances. We will clear your goods through customs in The Bahamas, saving you hours of stress

No credit card? You can avail yourself of our card and pay us cash for your purchases. Also if you need something picked up in Fort Lauderdale? Let us do the shopping for you.

Contact Info

Milton & Keats St.
P.O. Box F-42330
Freeport, Bahamas




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